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What: EDSBS LIVE online radio Click that or the banner thingy to your right to listen.

Where: At NowLive, where you can chat with each other and the show hosts throughout the broadcast in the online forum (which has gotten damn lively). To phone in to the show, just call (310) 984-7600. LISTEN AND YOUR PENIS AND OR BOOBS WILL GROW!!!

What: Tonight's special guest is...Bill from ATLEagle, who we'll ask exactly who this Jeff Jaogdadzknginski guy is, and how he ended up coaching the Boston College Eagles. We'll also be taking your calls and e-messages, which if you send them to us will MAKE YOUR PENIS AND OR BOOBS GROW LARGER!!!

Four Questions: As always, our four questions for the night.

1. What is your favorite football play/scheme/thing that goes boom.

The 'bone. It's like a square dance breaking out in the backfield.

2. Tell us your favorite football movie.

There's a whole series to be done here, but only one answer for the college ranks really matters: The Program. Starting defense! Place at the table!

3. Are you blitzing? A philosophical and literal question, really.

4. Most suggestive piece of football terminology? Besides the 'bone, since we're claiming that. Getting deep penetration is just too easy, y'all, so we expect creative answers.

Hear you then.