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Excelsior: NCAA 2008 leaks begin. Just what we needed: Vanderbilt, loving rendered down to the surrounding office buildings.

If there's a whiskey Aroma-vision component for West Virginia...well, there won't be. And the game will be a damn failure until it gets one. This year's big feature will be the impact player cubed:

The bigger the plays, the bigger the motivation boost and the better your player performs. His play will even give your entire team a shot in the arm. Of course, if you blow a big play, your team's going to feel the effects.

Embracing the great man theory of history there? Thomas Carlyle, your new lead programmer at EA Sports, says you are welcome, whoever decides to play with the vintage Texas 2005 team. Penn State fans in contrast, may fear the new Morelli vision feature, where one receiver looks REAAAAALLLY big and all the others turn into dusty little blurs in the distance.