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The big board is up. Apologies, groveling begging for forgiveness, and complete inaccuracies follow. As always, thanks to Brian for rigging it up:


Penn State, firmly in second now. With charges against four players dropped, Penn State descends from the peak and is a mere K2 to Illinois' Everest of points. No one's really sad about this, are they? Except for other Big Ten fans and, curiously, us?

Nebraska: in with a bullet! Or a fist, unless Maurice Purify had a bullet in hand whilst beating a guy and his girlfriend in a Lincoln bar. Attn: legal types: if that were the case, would it up his charges? Nebraska's been pretty sedate post-Osbourne, so expect little else out of the 'Huskers following Purify's points.

Whoa, golly, that's a sneaky total there, Idaho. Even we hadn't noticed exactly how many points Idaho's managed to pile up this offeseason. Cocaine is indeed a helluva drug.

If we die before we finish this paragraph......then we leave the administration of the Fulmer Cup to Bloo at Fire Mark May, simply because he's the only commentator of appropriate gravitas to handle the immense responsibilities of handling the Fulmer Cup. The rest of the Swindle testament has been handily covered by T. Kyle and company, who've saved us the trouble by writing our will and testament for us. Thanks? Thanks.

Nice to know we crossed four million visits before going to the big Gator wallow in the sky, at least.