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People must fear Dennis Erickson like they fear the plague and fire, because nothing really happens at a program until he leaves. Then, like kicking over a rotten log, everything explodes when he leaves, as evidenced by the sudden outbreak of arrests at the otherwise peaceful, placid Unversity of Idaho.

To wit:

Idaho sophomore defensive tackle Marvin C. Jones Jr. was arrested after he allegedly sold cocaine to undercover police officers, Moscow Police Assistant Chief David Duke said Friday.

He sells coke! Not only does this earn substantial Fulmer Cup points for the Idaho Vandals, it also just garnered a guest slot rapping on a Clipse album. (They sell coke! In case you didn't know. LOTS OF IT WAMP WAMP WHAT.)

The bigger news is that more arrests could follow in what police describe as "a developing situation." For the moment, Idaho can pause at three counts of delivery of a controlled substance, each worth three points a piece, with charges undoubtedly pending contingent on how deeply Mr. Jones feels the "no-snitchin'" policy. That's Moscow up with a snowstorm of nine points! They do cocaine!

Given the fact that Don Erickson is now running game in Tempe, Mr. Jones might want to think long and hard, since the Golf Cart of Doom and Coach Erickson's Enchanted Beer Coozy can provide him no protection now.

Again: someday Dennis Erickson and a tumbler of scotch are driving into a volcano during the Hula Bowl. It's just gotta happen.