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We begin this tale with the facts involving two TCU players cited for misdemeanor weapons charges in Texas. A rent-a-cop named K.D. Willingham, moonlighting from his day job as a Ft. Worth police officer, approached Robert Leandro Henson, 21, and Stephen Eugene Hodge, 19, both players on TCU's Horned Frogs football team. (HT: Tomek.)

From the superbly named Daily Skiff:

According to the police report, Willingham saw Henson holding a black handgun. Henson handed the gun to Hodge, according to the report, who "raised the firearm into the air and fired several rounds." Willingham then identified himself as a Fort Worth police officer, pointed a shotgun at Hodge and told him to put the gun down, according to the report.

The conversation had to go something like this.

Henson: Whew, I'm tired, man.
Hodge: Yeah. Beat. Hey, what's that?
Henson: My new nine. Wanna see it?
Hodge: Sure. (Takes gun) Is it loaded?
Henson: Nah, man. I'm not dumb, right?
Hodge: So I could take it like this and just (BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM)
Officer: FREEZE!!! POLICE!!!
Hodge: Um, you were wrong. That gun was loaded.
Henson: Shit.

Stop hatin', five-oh. Those bullets go straight into space.

The Horned Frogs are assessed two points for the incident, as this is Texas and wantonly discharging a firearm seems to belong in a class of crimes loosely classified as "party gone out of bounds." Henson did, however, have three outstanding Class C warrants at the time of his arrest, so perhaps a bonus point for stupidity is in order? Sure. Bonus point plus two for Kenneth Tookes Target Practice = three total for TCU, making their entry into Fulmer Cup 2007.

Addendum: don't laugh! When frogs and guns meet, people get hurt.