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There's a spectrum of giveafuck. On one end, there's Oprah. She cares. About everything: your soul, your life, eight dollar coconut macaroons, South African schoolchildren...even your poop. Oprah is blessed with a surfeit of giveafuck--from left to right, put her wayyyyy over on the right of the giveafuck scale.

On the far left, just next to John Daly, Andy Dick, and Kim Jong-Il...there's the guy on the left in this video of two slammed Oklahoma State fans singing a song about a lonely Okie.

Our fave is the "HRRRRNNNGGGH" that constitutes his only bit of "singing" in the video. He makes that noise right after displaying the signs of having a stroke, after which he recovers and seems to feel much better.

We can only assume T. Boone Pickens is at this moment wangling some way to enter both of these guys in his pioneering Oklahoma State Fundraising Death Pool to raise more cash for the Cowboys. After all, it's "just another way of capitalizing existing unexploited risk."