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It's only a minute long! It's practically boosting your productivity as we speak. Play it anyway, since it's short, it's the soundtrack to this entry, and someone gets knocked the fuck out by what appears to be a brick at the end of the video.

UConn football player Brandon McLean was arrested twice in four days last week, having a few bad days in a row, singing a sad song and not turning it around at all, if his behavior's any indication. Two incidents both of the largish domestic variety got him the pair of arrests, putting him squarely in line for anger management classes behind Andy Bernard and Alec Baldwin.

Note this, as well, from the Hartford Courant article:

UConn police charged McLean, 21, with one count each of threatening, criminal trespass and breach of peace after Wednesday's incident. He faces a second breach of peace charge for the Saturday incident.

Threatening? Nice pick, UConn police. This ordinance must be unenforced in Ann Arbor, Michigan, or Alan Branch would have gotten several a day just walking around looking like himself. A point for each offense and a bonus point for two arrests in four days takes UConn to five points total.