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This week's Fulmer Cup Board, courtesy of reader Brian. Addenda and corrections follow:

Notes, apologies, corrections, pleas for help...

Toledo possibly needs their points shaved...since the point shaving charges against them are "on hold" according to investigators. It's unknown whether this is fishing for an immunity/plea bargain thingy to pursue the ringleaders of the points-shaving scandal at Toledo or just legal futzing around. For the purposes of Fulmer Cup scoring, we'll hold them until something more definitive comes out regarding the case.

You don't disrespect the roller rink without consequences. Arky State booms in the polls due to a parking lot brawl at a roller skating rink. They earned the points fair and square, but as someone with deep, lovely memories of rocking out to "Lookin' At the Front Door" while clumsily bounce-skating, the penalty for violating the sanctity of a roller rink seems paltry.

LSU, up like Lexington Steele. With Illinois so far out as a result of the work of two very, very active "acquisition experts," we're resorting to NASCAR-style announcing and hyping the second and third place spots as "the real race."

LSU has made impressive strides to climb to nine points. Florida and Michigan are in a duel for second place with no real challengers besides the Bayou Bengals. The lone rogue wave here could be the Penn State burglary case, which may or may not yield huge points for the Nittany Lions. We've given up on actually seeing any points from that or the Cory Boyd gun-waving case out of South Carolina.

Dennis? Where the Sun Devils are in all this is beyond us. Perhaps it takes a few months for Dennis Erickson's mojo to spread around campus, but in a place with porn stars on campus and a reputation as being a Sodom and Gomorrah with financial aid, ASU's absence seems very strange to us.