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The Hat speaks, and it doesn't do so in forgiving tones: LSU kicks off three players who racked up Fulmer Cup points for the Tigers in the past month. Les Miles comments:

"There is a standard that we insist upon with members of our football team when representing this university, our community and the state of Louisiana," coach Les Miles said in a statement. "When that standard isn't met some adjustments must be made."

The person not saying this is Urban Meyer about Ronnie Wilson, an offensive lineman who at the least allegedly brandished an assault rifle in public, and at worst may have discharged said rifle in public. The Lou Holth school of discipline blossoming in Gainesville troubles us--even if Wilson's investigation is ongoing, say something. Kick an ass in a public way.

It's this kind of slack discipline that leaves former blue-chippers playing for the Bossier-Shreveport BattleWings...or perhaps the Bengals. And only a sick bastard would wish that on someone. BTW, that Quincy Carter article (HT: Paul) contains a cheap joke indicative of someone who's at least dipped their toe in the blogosphere a time or two.

Since getting dismissed by the Cowboys in the summer of 2004, Lavonya Quintelle Carter's life has gone to shit. And, arguably worse, Shreveport.

Hey, now. The place is sponsored by Shoney's. Those twinkie rolls on the breakfast bar rule.

There's an easy way to prevent Quincy Carterism--kick someone off the team.