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You want regional diversity? Well, fine then. Here's a link to Dennis Dixon, Oregon quarterback, demonstrating what is either a spectacular inner peace manifested in a nearly flatlined public face or a symptom of a dire need for a nap. There's some West Coast video content for ya.

As for the other half of the Apple Cup Civil War duo: the big news out of spring practice is that they're testing shoes, bitches. Shoes.

Okay, with that settled we move on to our second Steve Spurrier related entry today. This time, it's Spurrier twitching, mumbling, and calling out incoherent Spurrierese to qb Blake Mitchell as he struggles through the Garnet and Black spring game. Watch as out of years of habit he covers his mouth when calling plays, even with the entire universe listening in on him.

We wish they could do this for every game just so we could listen to Pete Carroll say things like "Excellence!" when USC scores, or to hear Urban Meyer murmuring blood blood blood blood under his breath after a blocked punt.