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Trojan Haters' Club--a site deserving praise for its clear mission statement, at least--has photos of USC's swimming pool football fundraiser event thing, including salacious pictures of the Song Girls in swimsuits and the ubiquitous Will Ferrell in a Speedo. One should only give special mention when Ferrell has on pants, so long has he been reclaiming the male form in public. In fact, we're pretty sure that most of the American public considers his hairy, lumpen paunch a close family friend now. He should consider selling ad space on it.

We'll make you click through for the cheesecake since we didn't find it. However, we'd like to point out that Pete Carroll is fucking ripped like a latter day Jack Lalanne. Someone's been hitting the field greens and Pilates classes hard. Perhaps, though, those are the kind of abs one can only get from leaning out of helicopters on relief missions to Darfur, since Pete Carroll is a great humanitarian.

Either way, he looks better without a shirt off than we've ever looked with a shirt on. We salute you, Pete, and your Southern Californian Spartanity. You could be an extra in 300. On that note, we're off to lunch. Mmm...fries with mayo.

Barbecue doesn't build those cobblestones, sir: Pete Carroll gets ripped.

HT: Bill.