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Though Dave Boone, Australian cricket legend, stole your heart last week, we have another mustache legend ready to take the fore. In honor of the impending NHL playoffs and the mansome violence to follow, we present a very special Mustache Wednesday Mustache of the Day: hockey legend Lanny McDonald.

A mustache like that causes fish to jump in boats containing Lanny, locked doors to spring open magically for him, hypnotizes the weak-willed and impresses those strong enough to resist outright slavery to it. It holds a valid and current pilot's license; it received its MBA from Wharton before opting for a lucrative career in sculpting.

It impregnated Salma Hayek, and brokered the last peace agreement in Sierra Leone. It's thinking about what you want most right now, and is working on making it happen as we speak.

Again: Lanny McDonald and friend. (Very deep HT to Ben.)

Happy Mustache Wednesday, motherfuckers!