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Penn State may have abundant points on the horizon in the Fulmer Cup yet due to the massive burglary/stompfest under investigation in State College. Until the total charges roll out, though, Nittany Lion fans must content themselves to a single point awarded to Spencer Ridenhour for plowing into a pedestrian on campus.

Ridenhour turned left into a pedestrian, knocking her (a lady! you brute!) to the ground and causing "abrasions to both elbows and pain in her left wrist." Ridenhour was issued a citation for failing to yield to a pedestrian as a result, earning Penn State one measly point for hitting a woman with a car, which is quite a deal considering the whole story centers on a woman getting hit with a car.

Hit someone with car=one Fulmer Cup point. Whatta deal!

Ridenhour, according to tipster ImMikeFazz, should be referred to as "Ridenbench" given this incident and his benching at the Outback Bowl this year for "undisclosed reasons."