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Dennis Erickson is the Ol' Dirty Bastard of coaching: a bon vivant vagabond whose very presence creates a contagion of merry malfeasance. Correction: usually, it's just malfeasance, and petty stuff for the most part. But like ODB, he just keeps moving on from gig to gig, often trailed by state troopers. Unlike ODB, he's currently breathing.

Though he's left the Idaho Vandals in the dust for a better job for the second time in his coaching career, his legacy remains with the Vandals: already tentatively on the board for a tasering incident earlier this year, Idaho scores a second time with a misdemeanor assault charge for safety Jevon Butler. Butler and two other non-football folks were arrested for:

...allegedly punching UI freshman William J. Petersen and Matthew D. Scott numerous times in the face.

Solid, unspectacular but fundamental FC score, there. (HT: Bruce.) Because it's a misdemeanor, it's only one point for Idaho, who would undoubtedly be putting bigger digits on the board if the Grey Panther were still pacing the sidelines in Moscow.

Given that he's at Arizona State,'s only a matter of time before his Golf Cart of Death drives the Sun Devils into the Cup. We'll take any excuse we can find to post the pic of Dennis Erickson driving a golf cart into a volcano, if only because we want credit for psychic powers when it finally happens.

Bad photoshop. Volcanoes. A guy who likes beer. It all adds up to funny.