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What: EDSBS Radio

When: 7:30 p.m.--9:00 p.m. EST THIRTY MINUTES MORE!!!! WOOOOO!!!

We're really just making more room for Ragin' Cajun Rebel, but you're all invited, too.

Where: On the EDSBS channel at Now Live.

How: To call in? (310) 984-7600. You may also register at Now Live and participate in the live chat, where we'll be taking comments and working them into the broadcast.

Why: Because you could waste time/money/life in a more egregious manner. Actor Eddie Griffin certainly did. That's a $1.5 million Ferrari Enzo. Total line run: 400. Total now: 399 at best.

Who: Peter Bean of Burnt Orange Nation and Orson from this website, along with special guest Dan Shanoff, late of ESPN/ABC/Disney/Cthulu and Dan

To prepare ahead of time, your study list appears below. The theme? Football, Television, and The Media: Topic Following Colon.

The four questions for this week:

1. Identify your favorite television announcer/feature/widget. I.e., something the people who bring you sports get right.

2. Identify something you'd like to see obliterated from the face of television.
Putting the over/under of Mark May references at 12. Taking all bettors.

3. Which non-broadcasting celebrities would make the best and worst color commentators for college football games? We choose Carlos Mencia as worst.

4. Name an antisocial behavior you have fantasies about indulging. Example? Growing really, really long ratty sideburns and combing them in public like an Allman Brother.

Hear you then...