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During one of our editions of EDSBS Live (now available on ITunes for the great price of "cheap as free,") listeners were asked what they didn't know about as fans. The consistent answer: the actual game going on beneath the tackling, hitting, and feats of combat acrobatics that is football. They see the fireworks, but don't understand the chemistry that makes things go boom in a certain, designed way.

Given that, we're tackling (pun intended) Football 101 using what we've got: and XBox, a fifty dollar video capture device, and Windows Movie Maker. This is the beta--there's a few errors, the pacing's odd, and we get cut off at the end due to sloppy editing.

However: watch it, critique it, and tell us what you want to see further digression/explanation of regarding football.

Part One: What You're Looking At On A Typical Play.