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An entire cottage industry surrounds the art of imitating Steve Spurrier. Todd Blackledge gives great OBC speak, though we'd offer up Paul Westerdawg's version of Spurrier as well, having heard it in person. (His Pat Dye, however, must be committed to tape sometime. It is a true classic of the genre.)

Our own attempts end up sounding too Granny Clampett-esque. So do James Bates's; he, however, played for Spurrier and once wore a pumpkin carved into a helmet to an interview on Halloween and refused to take it off during the exchange. This makes ours "bad," and his "good."

Whatever his imitation may lack in accuracy it more than makes up for in pure rightness. The idea of Spurrier goading Danny Wuerffel because he refused to curse back at Florida State players still makes us giggle. What you gonna do, Danny? Huh? Eh, just 18-34, 306 yards, 2 tds. Oh, and running a very awkward one in, too. We never forget that one.