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The verdict is still out on the possible dismissal of Adrian Arrington, the number two wide receiver at Michigan. The Wiz has him as good as gone; however, the Politburo at Michigan has only bothered to eliminate him from the spring roster, something not necessarily indicating a complete boot from the team.

Lloyd Carr won't clarify this, however, since Lloyd Carr's service menu when facing the media consists of:

1. Grumble.
2. Fuck you.
3. Fuck you, dickbreath.
4. Your clothes--give them to me now.

Meaning Lloyd Carr carries the exact same set of menu options many of our friends did sitting in bars just after college. He's not going to vary from the script, and sure as hell won't tell you what's happening with his team. In fact, he won't even let you watch them, lest you pick up on one of the shocking new wrinkles in their run game. ("A toss play? Oh, behave!")

Lloyd Carr: an unstoppable, inhuman, story-killing machine.