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Rare are the people who can, simply by entering a room, force the presentation of their human race membership card to all those assembled. As someone who usually has to do this a few seconds after opening their mouth, we sympathize with our fellow "guests of the human race."

Rarer still, though, are those who just don't give a shit about their alien status. Remember the scene in Men In Black where Rip Torn, Tommy Lee Jones, and Will Smith are monitoring aliens living as people? This Sunday we know exactly what they were watching in MiB's control room. This:

Joakim Noah, though you may not play football, we honor your epic freak-flag weirdness, a level of spaced-out orbital lunacy unseen in college basketball since Bill Walton smoked Marleys after games to "calm down" his raging basketball soul. It is truly your world; we're just wearing all the boring clothes you don't want in your wardrobe, sir.