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Your name is Hypolite; therefore, you must play offensive line, since your name sounds like something out of 300, or perhaps a new light but wickedly strong polymer fiber used to make racing kayaks. He also plays for Colorado, so continue the 300 theme with Dan "Leonidas" Hawkins running about the place seeing if he can get a well built in the lockerroom to kick people down when he decides to really make a point emphatically.

Buffaloes! Tonight we Applebee's!!!

This article on how wickedly strong your local offensive lineman is drives home the point in a number of ways. First, it mentions that OL Hypolite can back squat 665 pounds, best on the Colorado squad, and more weight than you care to think about putting on the frame of your car, much less your spine. It also has the Buff's Thursday workout, which has our breakfast rising in our throats just looking at it:

* Over Head Squat 3x6
* Hang Clean 6
* Lateral Lung 3x6
* 30 Leg Ext. 3x6
* Bench Press 8
* DB Post Delt 3x6
* DB French Press 3x6
* WTD Inverted Rows 2x10
* Atomic Drop 2x30

Most of these should be self explanatory (the French press is a tricep exercise), however one definitely isn't: the Atomic Drop. Our crack research skills (Google. What!) got us a good guess, and yippee! it involves Atlas Stones, the same 100 pound rocks the World's Strongest Men contestants are forever lifting and dropping. Atomic Drops, we guess, are repetitions of lifting over head and dropping to the ground, done in sets of thirty.

Sometimes, this is easier typed than done, as evidenced by this guy who gets pwn3d by the stones with his kids watching.

Good for him, though. We'd crap ourselves trying to do one. Now excuse us, we have a chicken biscuit to go cough up.

P.S. Over/under on comments suggesting that the workout "doesn't look bad:" four, we're guessing.