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Two interesting bits of "chatter" from the Miami Herald's weekend "chatter" section:

First, Jim Kelly, former 'Canes qb and vocal booster, called Donna Shalala and pushed June Jones as the next head coach of Miami, unaware that the hiring process for Randy Shannon had already begun in earnest. Kelly's explanation:"'They need to be more open offensively,'' Kelly said. ``I was spoiled with three-receiver sets.'' Why June Jones would have voluntarily left the best job on the planet is beyond us, especially when it would mean leaving for the meat grinder situation at Miami, where 9-3 gets close family members kidnapped and a losing record gets your pet tiger killed.

This mostly confirms our suspicions that somewhere in Jim Kelly's head, it's still 1985, and the K-Gun just needs a few more tweaks to get that shiny ring.

Kelly's first choice will leave Hawaii only in the safe confines of a pine box.

Second is this clip regarding FSU's hiring of Jimbo Fisher as offensive coordinator:

An FSU official said the school would not guarantee new offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher that he would be Bobby Bowden's successor when he was negotiating to leave LSU. But he will be considered when Bowden retires. . . .

Cue Lloyd Christmas saying " you're saying there's a chance!!!" Unless Jimbo works his way into the Bowden family--surely there's a nubile Bowdenette lurking somewhere in that expansive family tree--his chances of landing the head job are null and void. Even from the grave, we suspect Bowden the Elder will somehow manage to wangle some spawn of his into the head chair. Jeff Bowden's still technically under contract, no?