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Scott Adamson has a capital idea: a spring college football jamboree, or whatever the hell you want to call it. We hear jamboree, and we think Boy Scouts, or hillbilly hoedown, or a hillbilly hoedown meeting Boy Scouts in a horrific conflagration of rednecks assaulting 34 year old men in scout uniforms in a movie called Jamboree: The Deheading. So take a different name if you like, but Adamson's idea sounds like printing money for ESPN or whomever cares to make it happen:

ESPN's College Football Spring Fling (presented by a corporate sponsor to be named later) could feature a full day and night of offseason football action.

We'd see a little of the Tigers and Vols, a little of the Gamecocks and Gators, and they'd break in frequently with fight updates from the Florida State-Miami game...

Seriously, how could one spring football game _ or one spring jamboree _ be a bad thing for college football?

A fair question. We're in favor of it, but then again, Pete Doherty's in favor of beer. Someone not as depraved as we are should discuss this responsibly because WE WANT GIMME GIMME NOWWWWWW.

Pete Doherty: also an addict in need...of sunlight, among other things.