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The Fulmer Cup is supposed to be fun--dark fun, sure, but fun nonetheless. However, Duke makes their entrance into the Fulmer Cup in what is arguably the worst way imaginable with misdemeanor charges of death by vehicle and driving left of the center line for wide receiver Raphael Chestnut, and in no way resembles fun, funny, or even titter-worthy.

Chestnut was involved in a collision on a curve during a heavy rainstorm in Stokesdale, North Carolina with a car driven by Douglas Smith, 50. It's bad enough that the impact killed Smith; it dives into gutpain awful with this sentence:

His wife and infant in his car weren't injured, and Chestnut wasn't seriously injured.

A rare and horrible strike of ill fortune just rent one family asunder, made a wife a widow, and took one college student's psyche and put a guilt dent in it he may never fully recover from in this lifetime. HA, ha. Yes. No mention of DUI, either. This is just life striking in horrid and inexplicable fashion as an instant of carelessness, inattention, a freak gust of wind, fiddling with the radio, whatever it was metastasized into major personal tragedy.

Duke is awarded two points if the charges stand. But Jesus, we're queasy about awarding points for something that seems far less "boys will be boys" misbehavior and far more "why oh why cruel fate" in our ledger.