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Via Losers with Socks and the Wizard of Odds: this year's Wonderlic wunderkind hits a bit close to home, if rumor is to be believed. Chris Leak, walking under Jamarcus Russell and and under Brady Quinn's huuuuuge pectoral muscles to get to the classroom, allegedly racked up a whopping ocho on the Wonderlic test, the professional football equivalent to an IQ test. (For those not in the know, ocho is Finnish for 'not good.')

Is Chris Leak Like Cameron Diaz in 'In Her Shoes'? Pretty and literacy-problematic?

Remember that last year agents were having kittens over Vince Young scoring a six? This story is like that, but instead of a first-rounder, it's over Chris Leak, a prospect whose most optimistic supporters would be thrilled at a solid NFL Europe run followed by a steady Arena Ball career. Leak clocked a 4.7 instead of his vaunted 4.5 (a number no one believed anyway,) measured up at sub six feet, and now racked up a number that, while still above this year's low of 4 (some poor Iowa State running back, presumably caught in a revolving door at this very moment coming out of his hotel in Indianapolis,) reeks of "literacy problems."

Could it be true? Sure. Leak had trouble reading defenses, didn't blow doors on the SAT, and majored in the subject that gives Auburn Academic All-Americans: sociology. It's entirely possible he got that score, as anyone who saw the pick at the 2:00 mark in the video below can attest.

Antwain Robinson can believe it, sure. But the test itself might have been a bit unfair to Leak, as the Wonderlic famously preys on its takers' insecurities. It can be a veritable psychological torture run for players, and for a player known to shudder under pressure, it may have been too much for Leak. Just take a look at the EDSBS exclusive copy of the Wonderlic Leak took:

It really wasn't fair from the start. We demand a recount, and a Tebow-free Wonderlic for Leak.