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Sly Croom managed to keep his mouth shut during his meeting with President Bush at the White House, therefore not killing our President with the sheer, unfiltered power of his Marlboro basso voice.

He did provide the opportunity for President Bush to get the name of the football conference wrong, however. (HT: John.)

I'm also proud to be here with another football coach who deserves a lot of credit, Sylvester Croom, who is the head football coach from Mississippi State University. His achievement is the first African American coach in the Southeastern Football League -- Southeastern Conference.

Okay, he caught it. But now tantalized by the concept of a "Southeastern Football League," we've already begun to think of new names for teams in this inchoate, developing semi-pro league.

The Columbia Stench

The Nashville Bore

The Memphis Shivs

The New Orleans Flood

Ah, the possibilities. We misunderestimated our president yet again. First, he survives a direct conversation with Sylvester Croom; second, he gives us an idea for the seven-on-seven flag football league. As befitting a man who once named his college intramurals team the "Nads" (so you'd have to say "Go, Nads!"), President Bush displays uncanny accidental vision in the field of sports. We're ready for the EDSBS interview when you are, sir.

President Bush, seen here with new mascot of the even newer Southeastern Football League, Flat Stanley.