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EDSBS would like to offer its congratulations to Peyton Manning for his outstanding performance in the Super Bowl last night, a virtuoso performance securing a unique trifecta for Florida athletics: possession of the NCAA Men's football and basketball trophies as well as vicarious ownership of a Super Bowl Championship.

To refresh the memory: Manning never beat Florida in three and a half tries. Florida>Peyton>Chicago Bears= one Super Bowl ring mailed overnight express to this man, please:

The only way Danny's ever getting near a Super Bowl ring. He'll take that FedEx overnight, no signature required, thank you very much.

One other dividend from this Super Bowl--besides featuring a commercial that made you want to commit suicide along with that robot--comes in the fact that Bill Simmons, snide college football hater and New England regional sports writer, will no longer be able to mention the "Peyton Manning Face" derisively. Unless he means the face Peyton will make as he, loaded off a pitcher of margaritas and getting his knob polished by Mrs. Manning, in turn polishes the Lombardi Trophy on a deserted beach somewhere on the Pacific Coast of Mexico next week.

Congrats to pro football's triumphant geek. Danny will be waiting for his ring.