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In addition to yesterday's
, the following winners have been announced today:

And now for the Best National Blog Award. Nominees:

Best National Blog

And the winner is . . .

Sunday Morning Quarterback.

As we are late in the day and short on time, we will cheat again and let Youtube do the talking for us. SMQ writes the best national blog out there on college football, and it shouldn't just be some snobby critic's choice like The English Patient or that fucked-up Spanish horror fantasy with the Pale Man in it. (Yes, Pan's Labyrinth. We're playing down fondness for snobby critic's choices. Umm...wooo Anchorman! Yeah!)

SMQ writes like a dervish, and deserves to be paid for it handsomely. In fact, we'd pay him to do it, and plan to as soon as our whole Chinese herbal supplement/exotic animal product/bootleg Indian pharmaceutical ring falls in place. Until then, he'll slave away for free. Catch that while you can, since it's the best deal going on the internet...until we get that powdered tiger penis in stock. Then he'll have to settle for second, because that stuff will turn you into a sundial turned on its side for days, Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora be damned. (Xiao dan, call us ASAP about that!)

Again, congrats to a geniunely talented writer who we want to stab in the ass with a steak knife for having such talent. You richly deserve the applause and subsequent non-fatal stabbing. We also have no doubt that someday you will pull aside the black mask you wear around only your eyes that still somehow conceals your true identity, and succeed as a "normal-person-type-writer."

It's a long way to the top, friend. But you've got the bagpipes to do it. Jia you, sir.