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If you've read Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell--you know, a little hobby book about Orwell's weekend pasttime of going to war with strange armies--you may remember that of all the oddball sides to take, Orwell ends up fighting side by side with the Anarchists, who despite being yes, disorganized, generally get things done when it matters.

Then there's the Nationalists--highly organized, regimented, and led by a charismatic leader bent on victory. (There's also the Republicans, but we're never sure exactly where to put them in this argument. For simplicity's sake, we'll bench them here.) We've often thought you could divide college fanbases into these two groups.

Anarchists: the fanbases seemingly requiring no prompting, loud, ferocious, and often horribly unruly.

Republicans: fanbases requiring prodding at bayonetpoint to participate in highly organized fashion.

We weren't the first to find this--The Wiz, Paul, and Fire Mark May all found this first--but after watching this, we're certain UCLA fans fall into the Republican category.