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Clay Travis would, in the unchecked world of evolutionary competition, be gone long before you, dear reader. Why? Because he voted Ole Miss women the most attractive in a ranking of SEC women, a judgement call to be sure that in and of itself bears no animus towards this blog.

Unfortunately, he ranked Florida's women next to last, just above the fine farm girls from Mississippi State. In this unfortunate oversight, Clay has overlooked not only the basic tenets of research design, but has made a crucial error in his basic understanding of evolution and mating strategies that could endanger his reader. There are dangers out there, men. This article is a warning about them.

You see, Clay would die in the wild, and his offspring--should they ever be born--would be eaten by wolves and birds of prey. In the ages-old interplay between male and female, Clay would certainly be a pawn--or perhaps just a mere checker--becoming both slave and feast for his masterful mate. Picking Ole Miss makes this all too apparent.

Explanation of the steps used to trap Darwin's fools in the dating process follow:

1. Excessive use of camouflage. Ole Miss women certainly fit a very common understanding of attractiveness: heavily mascaraed, blushed, and lipsticked into perfection. Beware wearing of dark blazers or other clothing around them; a direct hit with their face, or even a slight brush, will cover your finery with synthetic fat-infused cosmetics. Also comes off on your face when you're kissing them, which sucks, especially if--in true collegiate fashion--you're doing it behind someone's back. Lipstick has killed as many men as the French Pox, men. This is something you must not forget.

Does makeup mean a no-go? Certainly not. Most women wear to shut other women up. But beware the perfect storm of feminine wile: like wasps who waste valuable hours of their lives mating with orchids that look like female wasps, so too do men blow valuable decades married to the cunning and stunning.

Look closer: there's a tiny sorority sweater on that mantis.

2. Saccharine overtures.

Also beware the saccharine gesture disguising the devil's contract. Such gestures are really a code, unknown for generations and brought back for us by our network of spies. Remember: many bachelor spies' best years died for this information.

Unwitting, doomed male: "Hey, you wanna go out sometime?"

Male to English translation: "God, your boobs are big. And you've got on makeup and coordinated clothing? It's gonna be so much fun touching your boobs!!! You smell of wealth and sex and bein' together and stuff. Boobs."

Ole Miss Woman of the Old South Variety: "Whaaaayyyy, that sounds nice. Whut taaaime?"

Female to English. "I have chosen you to be my potential mate, young meatling. You will be administered a series of tasks, many of which you will fail. This happens by design, since my father, Bucksley MacAllister the Fourth, is the paragon of all that is masculine and perfect for me, and will always be. The grave will only enhance his stature in my mind, so don't count on death eliminating the problem, sucker.

And yet a wedding will occur. And you, you will either pick up a professional degree of some sort or go to work in my father's business. And all you do--we mean all--will come to dust, since it will all pale to the shining Barbie House Daddy has built for me. I will bear offspring, yes; but the sex will end. I'll still wear the makeup--it wasn't for you, anyway, but the lifelong siege campaign against other women I'm engaged in--but when I do have sex, don't ask for head. It messes up the lipstick.

In exchange, I will let you crawl into a bottle of bourbon and commit a thirty-year suicide. We will only come to life on Saturdays, where we may root for the same football team, part of the elaborate trap that will end with you spending every offseason Saturday in a stinking duck blind to get away from me and every Sunday on your knees praying for death.

Oh, maahhh, I DO carry on sometimes..

3. Daddy. If at any point she actually refers to her father as Daddy, flee the scene immediately. Remember, if necessary make a Batman-style exit with smoke grenade if necessary. If there's a cliff, leap. You're saving yourself trouble in the long run, trust us.

One way to end the problem, sure.