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Today was a relatively light day of posting in anticipation of a rigorous weekend of blog preparation for the BCS Championship Game on Monday between the University of Florida and the Ohio State University. We'll be posting on Sunday for the bathrobe and CBS Sunday Morning crowd slowly filing through the paper--hey! dibs on Parade! We just love that rascally Howard Huge--and will have a full cavalcade of preview material for Monday: podcasts, words strung together in some order, and other "surprises."

Our weekend schedule will include the following tasks:

1. Purchase live chicken. Sacrifice to Danny Wuerffel shrine while deboning and dropping immediately into Fry Daddy for lunch.

2. Sell all stocks in Columbus real estate in anticipation of Buckeye festivities.

Nothing, officer. Just on a stroll, that's all. Yes, I would like some pepper spray. It tickles.

3. Get defibrillator charged and ready for the inevitable Chris Leak Gaffe of Astonishing Terror, which we predict will happen in the third quarter. Prep TCOAN and bar staff on proper voltage, placement of paddles, and conductive gel use.

4. Meet business contact Lucifer Beelzebub to complete signover of alleged "soul" in exchange for a Florida victory. Play a quick 18 at East Lake Country Club afterwards to celebrate deal.

5. Buy new in-game crash helmet.

6. Scout local curbsides for toss-away couches for West Virginia-style potential celebration.

7. Reflect that leading up to this game, it's oh so quiet. Maybe too quiet.

Enjoy the weekend. We begin bleeding from the eyes with anticipation on Sunday. See you then.