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UPDATE Watch the live coverage on Fox 6 in Birmingham for some fine comedy. At least until their server melts.

We're waiting this morning for Nick Saban, the vagabond misery salesman who just happens to be a brilliant football coach. At 10 a.m. EST he'll announce whether he's staying or going. We'll keep you posted, but a few thoughts.

--There's something no one knows here playing a factor, since Saban would be making less at a job he's already done before while leaving his dream job: an NFL gig in a city with relatively low expectations. Saban thrives in the stale air of the film room at 2 a.m.; why he'd leave the Miami slot without some factor we're not thinking about (Family? Problems with Huizenga? Fear of Burmese pythons let loose in the Glades? Tryst with Gloria Estefan that threatens his marriage?) baffles us.

--If Bama gets him, the person standing to lose the most is not Tommy Tuberville. Tubs held his own against LSU over the years--he's 3-2 against him in the SEC West. Any and all festering stories about Bama immediately destroying Auburn should be quashed stat. In fact, bet heavily on Tuberville's agent making a casual call to Auburn boostermeisters about the Croesus-heaps Saban could be sitting on in Tuscaloosa.

--If Saban says no, there's always Deep Blue. Great recruiter, since he connects with the kids with his indomitable Madden skillz. Weak on personal skills, though, which may not be a problem. He'd still be more personable than John Mackovic.

Deep Blue: more cuddly than Saban, actually.