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The Irish are poised for their comeback, down 34-17 at the beginning of the fourth.

OS, 11:32: Okay, EDSBS. Go to the garage to limber up for the home stretch and hit the total gym like a champ.

OS, 11:37: A tipped pass after a PI call turns positive mojo into soul-destroying juju for Notre Dame--wake up the echoes of the Insight Bowl. Notre Dame doesn't have the right genes out there making plays. They need a different species of athlete. They're coming, but not for a year yet.

PB, 11:40: How many white playmakers does LSU have? It's simply uncanny how many outstanding white athletes they've got on this football team.

OS: LSU plays jumpball, loses, handing ND a pick in the endzone. No matter--Fox is off to distracting us with shots of Terry Bradshaw, who compares his height, hand size, and penis size with the Ent-sized Russell. Terry Bradshaw then hanged himself shortly afterwards, and is being simulated tonight by Frank Caliendo.

Bradshaw's been a pleasure to listen to tonight, actually. He's light, he's pointing out technical but not arcane pieces of football strategy, and being the daft old badger he is. It's much less bad than we thought.

Howie Long, though, is still eating paint-chips.

PB, 10:54: Slow death by Ent is not as exciting as I thought it would be.

OS, 11:53: Fire Mark May would like you to be advised that the ND Nation suicide rating is up to:

OS, 12:00 a.m.: Keiland Williams, thank you for not emerging off the depth chart until after you played Florida. A darting little back with great feet who'll be back for LSU next year--he's just a freshman--he would have made life difficult for us. Too bad Les was going through one of his more idiotish, less savantish phases then.

PB, 12:08: Watching this is officially like drunk sex. It kind of goes on and on, and the longer it carries on, the number it becomes.

OS, 12:07 a.m.: As ND goes three and out and hands it off to LSU to run out the clock, let's review the night in Bradshawdom:

1. Got joked ribbed for getting married four times.

2. Possibly dropped a "son of a bitch" on air.

3. Made five thousand references to having no hair.

4. Said lots of things like "sumthinornuther" and "gadget-thingy"

We heartily endorse his return. Come back whenever, Terry.

12:15 a.m.: Tie this sausage off, Phyllis--we got ourselves a completely slaughtered hog here. LSU fricassees Notre Dame, who tied their worst defensive performance by allowing 41 points to LSU. Jamarcus Russell's off to sleep on the lower range of the Ozarks, using his faithful giant donkey Pedro as his pillow. We're going to catch a few winks. It's been Popeye's Cajun Spicy terrific, y'all--thanks.

YOU! Let me throw this football through your chest.