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We've played games of backyard football that ended with such chicanery, trickery, and pulled-from-the-ass heroism. We've seen games like this scripted in Varsity Blues, played them in various permutations of video game, and on occasion dreamt them up when we were bored, and considering the ultimate nutjob fantasy game.

But Boise State just beat Oklahoma, and if it didn't happen, you could not invent it. Trick laterals, last minute comebacks, halfback passes, fourth down conversions....

And Ian Johnson just proposed to his girlfriend, the head cheerleader at Boise State. ON CAMERA. And you know she said yes.

We'll try to capture this in the morning, but frankly, if you didn't see it, you'll accuse us of getting into the PCP early on Saturday. The B in Boise stands for balls. Planetary-sized ones.

A Bruckheimer movie broke out Tuesday morning in the Fiesta Bowl. We give it four stars.