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This isn't Fulmer Cup points-eligible (the season hasn't ended yet), but Hello Dolly is it something. Mississippi State juco recruit Jessie Bowman, defensive tackle, was charged with trespassing and simple assault relating to an incident in July. Bowman originally had the ugly prospect of a felony burglary charge on his record, but you know, the judge had just gotten out of yoga class, and the birds were singing, and everything just seemed, you know, ripe for positive energy, man. Bowman got that charge knocked down to trespassing.

Bowman spends this week in jail, serving a five day sentence in exchange for a plea. He will want to use his time wisely and research new legal representation in the meantime. His soon-to-be-former attorney works his PR magic; it's so good it'll melt your face off.

It's unclear when and where Bowman, who gave a non-binding, oral commitment to MSU coaches last Thursday, would sign his letter of intent. Today is the first day junior college players can sign binding scholarship papers.

"He may just sign it in the jail right now, I don't know," Bowman's attorney, Joe Fernald, said. "He doesn't have to be anywhere (specific) to sign it."

Jessie, we know a guy who's a friggin' legal genius. He works cheap, too, provided you know a trannie or two. (HT: Rebel84.)

Total genius: Jessie, you need Barry Zuckercorn.