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In brief:

--Schiano, staying at Rutgers. Frickin' awesome.

--Stanford accomplishes what Voldemort could not do, ends Harry Potter era, says Avada Kedavra! to Walt Harris. Hope they ditch the biohazard couch, too.

-- NC State's coaching options look very, very interesting.

--Brian Kelly to Cincinnatti. MAC coaching corps again proving to be hell of a finishing school for larger conferences.

--Norm Chow is all over the place, including the persistent ASU rumors. (Though Pete Carroll's pushing Sarkisian for the job, too.) We've given up trying to find out where he's going. Speaking of complete and total mystery...

--When Finebaum says he's clueless, you know the Alabama coaching search just entered a level of security clearance we can't hope to crack. We need a double-O to get some intel, because it's radio silence out of T-town right now.

We need a double-O, stat.