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Stewart Mandel claims Chan Gailey sux. Stewart Mandel gets screwed by the broken clock rule stating that even a mediocre coach can succeed by not firing his defensive coordinator, recruiting decently, and installing an irritable wee man at quarterback. Stewart writes:

"(he's) still not convinced (Gailey) won't find a way to screw it up, but if Tech wins its division, he's off the list and a round of hot dogs are on me."

On Saturday, Stewart's buying hot dogs at the Varsity. He really could just wait and double down, going for the onion ring and frosted orange combo for everyone in '07 that Gailey will go 3-9 next year. Everyone knows that over time, Chan Gailey Equilibrium will win out.

Nonetheless, kudos and plaudits on being a man of your word, Stewart, in more than one way.

First you nut up to your bet, which we'll make sure you do by being there on Saturday Friday ourselves. (HT: The 5.0 Guy)

Second, you identify yourself as being 30 on MySpace. This could mean two things:

1. You're actually thirty, or...

2. Using MySpace mathematics, you're really 90 years old cruising for ladies in their seventies who haven't drained the 401-Ks yet and gotten into the catfood-eating stage of retirement. Either way, bravo on the integrity scale.

Mandel: has integrity, and potentially a thing for Bea Arthur types, too. This, btw, is not the Mustache of the Day.