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One of the most fascinating microsystem meltdowns in college football '06 has come from the University of North Texas, a program that has in the short span of four years gone from the elite of the Sun Belt (pause, gentle wash of irony spills over) to a banana republic of a program bullied by a mattress salesman and in dire need of some serious intervention by HR.

Outgoing coach Darrell Dickey--already fired and coaching out the string--is doing the coaching equivalent of stealing every paper clip he can on the way out the door before mailing one last "fuck you" letter round the server. To wit:

According to parents of current players, right before Saturday's game Coach Dickey snuck new black uniforms onto the team without the school's permission. The rec-league quality jerseys, pictured here, didn't contain the names of players or the school and conference logos. They weren't cleared with Athletic Director Rick Villareal or announced to the press before the game and might violate agreements with the school's uniform supplier.

During halftime of the game, offensive coordinator Ramon Flanagan allegedly started a physical fight with wide receivers Coach Chip Garber after being told he should play seniors because it was their final home game. The incident got so out of hand the offense received no instruction before going back out to start the third quarter.

Jeff Bowden, of course, has been a real visionary by doing just that in the first quarter. Viva hate! (HT: Ben Maller.)

University of North Texas football: feel the dysfunction!