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Just days after his one man special teams commando show, Jarvis Moss may be facing suspension. This confirms our suspicions that of all the potential IQ scores on a football team, the d-line must rank damn near the bottom, since they're the ones usually caught self-administering herbal cures, FnDC, and stealing gay sheep. Florida's already lost Marcus Thomas at d-tackle to weed/being flat-out dumb earlier this season.

"I’ve heard that too," Meyer said. "We’re dealing with something right now. I’m not ready to announce that...I don’t want to get into that right now, because I don’t know what’s going to happen," Meyer said.

The suspension coincides with Florida's game against Western Carolina, a.k.a. the Battle for the Summer Retirement Home Lot. (Western Carolina being a hotbed for Floridian retirees. In case you ever wondered where Floridians go to retire, the answer is not Cuba. Yet.)

Moss: stumbled.