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It's gotten this bad. We'd watched it as the Florida offense devolved from its preseason fanciness into neanderthal single wing floudering. We'd seen it as Tennessee binged on points and then was brought to earth by relentless blitzing and the inevitable injury of their very tall and very skinny quarterback by bruising, bulge-muscled defenders. We saw it in the newly patient Spurrier the White, a slightly paler version of his old self who seemed content to work his way down the field against defenses capable of turning his line into weeping speed bumps.

The SEC's war on offense may have reached a nadir--or its pinnacle, if you prefer--with its most shameless coach, Houston Nutt, who's all too happy to throw up his hands and just run high school ball if it means winning. Nutt put McFadden at quarterback and let him kill anything that stood in his path, including allowing him to pass for a TD to Monk. Again, Nutt's lack of a shame gland helped, but asking the question "Is offense dead in the SEC" has now been rendered completely pointless. It is, and its body lays dead beneath a pile of angry blitzing defenders. Only Nutt and occasionally Meyer have the lack of shame to win by running a single wing and admitting that they're down to treating the patient with leeches, superglue, and fervent prayer.

See video below for Gus Malzahn's brilliant/completely stupid goal-line sets with McFadden at qb. The worst part is that we're actually frightened of this crap because it's the last functional offense in the conference. We're so exasperated with it we can hardly bring ourselves to make a Dick/Nutt joke.