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Some brilliant, brilliant person posted the old Burger King "Legends of College Football" commemorative cup commercials on YouTube. Watch below for:

--Bo Jackson singin' his ever-lovin' ass off to the Auburn fight song. He should have known it well, dammit, as much as he was paid to go there. Blue-chip SECers cost some coin back then.

--Lou Holtz cajoling a bewildered Tim Brown into singing. Tim must be normal, since like most people he's both confused and frightened by Holtz.

--Tom Osborne apparently suffering a minor stroke of some sort at the end of the video. Or singing. We're not really sure.

--Jim McMahon, who was so drunk for filming he was forced to do the ad sitting in a deck chair while wearing a Detroit Lions jersey. None of this is provable, but we still suspect it to be true because it is much funnier that way, and yet still plausible given that it's Jim McMahon.

We remember these commercials, mostly because we had the cups, since pre-adolescents live for free things handed out with fast-food purchases. Which we got when we bought the old Burger King fish sandwich, known to the world at large as "The Whaler." Burger King then pulled off the amazing feat of giving it a more absurd name by rechristening it as "The Big Fish," since "the Whaler" probably conjured up fewer and fewer images of hearty Nantucket harpooneers chowing down after a long day at the oars, and more and more images of floating Japanese whaling slaughterhouses firing rocket launchers into cute belugas.