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Smokey the dog is a bluetick hound who doubles as a totem/mascot for the Tennessee Volunteers. Despite being a minion of our MHT (Most Hated Team--the EDSBS congress votes on it every February. And the votes are soooo rigged. Florida-educated here, remember), we get the urge to feed that dog chicken livers and beer every time we see him. He just looks so damn happy to be there, unlike UGA, who appears to be within a few quick steps of collapsing from heat stroke at all times.

Anyway, Smokey may have bitten an Alabama player who landed on top of the dog before last Saturday's game. (HT: TCOAN.) We can't blame him for that, since dogs do that when you appear from nowhere and jump on top of them. There's some joke in here about Smokey having sharper teeth than the Alabama offense, but a funnier note must be included here:

The seventh Smokey was replaced by Smokey VIII, who stepped down in 2003 after he was diagnosed with a nasal tumor. He survived the cancer but died in March from high blood pressure and kidney disease.

Just like most of his fanbase. Damn that tasty country ham! It's the killer in your skillet, Joe Public! Rest assured, Alabama fans: we're sure that someone will find a way to do what Alabama fans have been doing for years. Which is sue someone over this.

Give that dog some beta blockers and a milkbone.