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Though they choked our team out in brutal, slow-mo fashion, the Auburn Tigers deserve a few kind words. Know that their fans display class and a hands-on passion for tailgating properly, if in a very, very laid-back fashion. (Cuddles Swindle, an AU grad who wants Miss Cleo points for correctly predicting the score of 27-17 correctly, claims this is "just saving it for the game." Given the satisfying din of Jordan-Hare, we'll buy that.)

They also cook with Weber grills, a true sign of outdoor craftsmanship. In the clip below, we tell another man that he has a fine piece of meat and drink coffee at a tailgate without getting our ass cut off, grilled, and handed back to us on a styrofoam plate--strong evidence of a very pleasant and tolerant fanbase. By the way, the woman did give us a Miller Lite in a can, featured prominently in the photos follwing the jump, which we were forced to double-fist along with the venti Starbucks we had in hand.

Fine people who deserve thanks for being such hospitable hosts. Next time, though, put Quentin Groves on a leash. Emily Post and PETA both disapprove of what he did to Chris Leak. Will's also got an elated take on what happened, though know that before you read it we trimmed the Isaac Asimov sideburns, which had to go.

Skateboarders also refused to allow gameday festivities to curtail their normal routine.

More photos of the outstandingly pleasant Auburn fanbases follow, along with some Gator fans wearing our 2006 Christmas presents.

Heh. Gay.

A local scamp who was more than happy to share his artwork with us.

Mayberry: Toomer's Drugs.

The Auburn Throne.

The donated beer and a girl who, yes, is wearing a bikini top along with the body paint.

We covet the pants, but for luck's sake hope they were burned immediately after the game.