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We will be tailgating in Gainesville bright and early tomorrow, and will give doughnuts to those who track us down. We promised to do this last time, but this time we mean it: stop by our camp chair, and we will give the first 24 people who show up a complimentary Krispy Kreme doughnut.

We'll be tailgating around Anderson Hall and Library West, wherever we can plant a chair, a tent, and the pedestal for our traveling Danny Wuerffel Shrine (a total bitch to carry, but soooo worth it.) Chances are we'll be well entrenched by 10:00 a.m. and drinking for two, so showing up early is advised and welcomed, especially if you want doughnut, amigos.

Bama fans and Florida fans alike are welcome. IM us on Yahoo! Messenger at harumphharumph at to get the exact location tomorrow. We'll be the average-looking white guy with glasses and brown hair wearing an EDSBS Burnin' Couch Shirt, much like this one:

...which you may purchase by clicking on the picture. Commerce! The engine of nations, and inflater of beer funds.

It's great to have a coach who speaks in the language of vandalism:

On Saturday, Meyer wants to give the Tide a dose of what has been repeatedly and unanimously referenced by the college football media as "the most hostile environment in the nation."

Coach Urban Meyer said, "It's a call to arms. Let's go break some windows in that building over there."

Vocal cords? Check. Jorts? Check. Coyote spray? Not necessary, as we said before.

Enjoy the weekend to its fullest. BTW, we officially cannot get this song out of our head, so we're infecting you all by linking it, but not without reason: the song's full of vitamin-rich meaning:

And to those of you who mourn your lives through one day to the next
Well let them take you next!
Can’t you live and be thankful you’re here?
See - it could be you, tomorrow, next year.

Huzzah to that. We'll see you Monday.