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Your unsubstantiated rumor/urban legend of the day comes courtesy of Losers With Socks. The rumor, as posted on three different boards now, has a story that we can only pray is true, since the "E!True Hollywood Story" dramatization of events playing in our head gets Kentucky Fried Movie funny after three seconds.

The story/myth/rumor runs something like this: the Orgeron, better known as Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron, has two kids who are behaving in a most unruly fashion with one of Coach O's neighbors on a day sometime around three weeks ago. (We imagine them jumping around screaming "Anarchy! I don't even know what that means, but I like the way it sounds!" ) The neighbor foolishly complains to the Orgerona, who deals with things like a sensible person would.

The Orgeron arrives home from practice, presumably ripping his shirt off on the way in the door, when he finds out about the incident. Orgeron then storms next door and unleashes a stream of profanity on the unsuspecting neighbor so toxic that, according to the different stories, one of three things happens:

1. A restraining order is taken out.
2. University officials intervene.
3. The neighbor dies of shock.

We're pretty sure the third one didn't happen. In fact, we're not sure the first two did, either, though we really wish they did, since it would only buttress the growing legend of The Orgeron's uncontainable rage. If the birds outside your window stop singing as you read this and the floor grows cold, by the way, it's already too late--he's there.

We can only hope this is true.