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...UCF's Travonti Johnson, displaying senior leadership by crating what can only be appropriately described as "a ruckus" in an Orlando Denny's before resisting police orders to leave the area. Two elements of the story shine like polished mother of pearl. (HT: SMQ.) One, this clip:

The report said Johnson then made profanity-laced "statements about Orlando being racist" and that it was only after repeated attempts to ask Johnson to leave the restaurant that he complied.

The Scoop Jackson school of self-defense in action! And two...

When the officer attempted to arrest him, Johnson attempted to run. The report said he made it only about 20 feet before the officer used his Taser to subdue Johnson.

This can't bode well for his draft prospects, since we're sure that outrunning the fleet springs of a police taser would have secured him second round draft status at the least. Watch for desperate seniors nationwide to create similar situations in hope of impressing scouts with their elusiveness. Don't think Travonti's a trailblazer, though--these kind of evade and dodge drills have been Florida State staples for years.