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The Wall Street Journal covers the latest trend in campus town real estate: Gameday condos. Who needs to muss and fuss of driving home when you can pass out under a roof you own? Another emerging trend we see coming off this: drive-through Dialysis: for the booster's whose heart is young...but whose kidneys are not. (HT: Bill.)

The company Gameday Condominiums already has two sites up, one for their property in Tuscaloosa, the other just across from Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia, South Carolina. The property features a fitness center (?!?), fenced in-yards, and a "tailgating area," where fans of Cocks can...

rekindle friendships, relive fond memories and remain a part of everything you loved about your years at USC.

If Steve Taneyhill and his majestic Ronnie Van Zant blonde mullet do not work as the pool maintenance crew at this place, you are being cheated blind, investors. Blind, we say.

Throw the ball around the tailgating yard, where condo employees will be happy to pique your USC nostalgia by intercepting the ball for you.