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Florida State will wear all-black uniforms for their upcoming matchup with Boston College because...they're mourning the death of their offense? Florida State's ground game has atrophied to the point where FAMU may talk trash about it. To wit, courtesy of FAMU starting qb Leon Camel after his team got stripped and put on blocks by the 'Canes on Saturday:

"There's not much we can do about coming in here as a Division I-AA and playing against a Division I-A team, but we wanted to show we belonged," Camel said. "We gained more rushing yards than Florida State's offense did."

Leon Camel may not be a math major, but he's right. The count: FAMU, 82 yards versus the 'Canes, FSU, one. The complaint on Jeffy the Destroyer has now become that he's killed the run game and turned FSU one-dimensional; odd this complaint is, especially the irony of early complaints that Jeff Bowden relied on the run too much. First he sucked for running much; now he sucks for running too little. Rhetorical fraction math here...can't we just factor out the greatest common denominator: Jeff Bowden sucking? Period?

We'd hate to be an FSU fan right now, because there's only one man to blame. And the only thing he's thinking about right now comes on at 4 p.m. on the ABC affiliate in Tallahassee.

Love my Jeffy. And my Oprah. So sleepy...