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As a blogger, we're thrilled with the announcement Google's put out about offering archived news articles dating back to the 18th century. The college football implications are limitless:

--Finally, a slice of some of AJC writer/historical artifact Furman Bisher's mid-life work will become available, including his legendary 1822 piece on Virginia Pioneer Wrestling's first-ever Old Dominion championships. An excerpt:

"Ere the noble combatant from Virginia wheeled round to face his opponent much bloode did run from hif cheek, and he bore the mad countenance of a red Indian hemmed in a seamless corner by that mighty black bear of his domain; the stoute and hale North Carolinian stood before him and with swift and mighty grace did, in the single swing and pluck of one arme, did like like a Nantucket harpooneer pluck the single remaining glowering orb of the Virginian from its fleshy notch with his single rapier thumbnail. Laudanum was henceforth administered and huzzahs rained about the mighty Tarheel's victorious personage as draught upon draught of whiskey numbed the substantial agony of holding his own intestines in, as did victory make light the blessed burden of his steaming innards in his hand."

Bisher's best stuff, trust us, with the possible exception of his coverage of the 1886 Singapore bear-baiting finals.

Furman Bisher is very, very old.

--And secondly, a viable copy of Joe Paterno's birth certificate may finally become available to the public, provided someone can translate cuneiform for us.