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We're going to be gushing social butterflies this weekend, so if you're in town, please drop by and say hello wherever we are. Where this is...well, that's a bit of an issue, because we have to make a request from a Georgia Tech or Notre Dame tailgater:

We want an invite.

Not to the game, of course. We have a much more important affair to watch--one that may, in fact, determine the fate of the free world as we know it. But in order to perform our bit of amateur anthropology properly, we'll need a homebase to do it from, namely your tailgate. So we're begging for an invite to your tailgate at the Tech from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. tomorrow. We will bring two guests and the following:

--Our sparkling wit.

--An EDSBS t-shirt.

--24 beers.

--A family meal of fried chicken.

Chicken? Check. Beer? Check. Luda? We're working on that.

We hear you now: but Orson, don't you carry all of that around anyway? The answer is yes, but in this case the chicken will still be hot and the beer will be of your choosing. Email us at harumphharumph care of yahoo to extend an invite. We can't say you won't regret it, but we will sing your praises on the internet, something which will put you in the illustrious company of Dyson vacuum cleaners, 2 gig memory cards, and Tera Patrick. And that's company you want to keep, friends.

We will also be at the Jocks 'N Jills at the CNN Center tonight around 9ish to hobnob with the hoi-polloi of the blog world. How we got an invite, we'll never know, but we hope to see you there.