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Listen to Myles Brand answer our questions on Mondays with Myles. We submitted the questions about a month or so ago. He answers some of them...sort of. We'll have to piece together a response when we've got time to parse through some of the geniunely Clintonian answers Brand puts out there.

We asked questions in the nicest way of Myles Brand. He answered.

On an interesting counter note to his answer on the meaning of the APR: only eight schools managed to get all of their recruiting class in without losing a recruit. Those schools were Boston College, Florida, Iowa, Northwestern, Ohio State, Texas, and Stanford, all schools with either a.) high academic standards anyway, or b.) bigass recruiting and academic support budgets. So when he talks about schools in "the equity conferences" rolling through the process...well, there's one more bit of evidence hot of the presses for that.

Besides bragging on Florida (sound of shoulder-brushing should be deafening at this point,) special mention must be given to ChanPa and Georgia Tech. A few years of non-qualifying disasters must have led to an HR bloodbath in academic support, since whomever they've got now seems to be doing a superb job in monitoring incoming recruits and their academics. Get them through a whole year and we may have to put away our Colbert-issue wagging finger for a while.